Monday, September 22, 2008

We went Chicago

Blisters hurt...and I've got lots and lots of blisters. Why you ask, well, let me explain. Jayson had an architecture symposium this Chicago. He did not want to make a 5 hour drive alone, so he recruited me to go with him. While I might normally say no to such a thrilling (notice me yawning) invitation to listen to 5 hours of seminars, this weekend I gave in. Mostly casue it's been ages since Jayson and I had any alone time, so I thought it would be good for us. Plus, we had an invitation to stay with a friend's parents, so it ended up being a very affordable weekend. So Friday we set out on our journey to Chicago. Illinois Istitute of Technology to be exact.

This cross is the first really neat thing we came across in our trip. The picture on the left is a bit of better angle, but I had to put the middle one up just to give you an idea of the size of this cross. If you look at the very bottom of the cross (picture in the middle) and just on the left side is a little yellow speck. That speck is Jayson...crazy huh. The third picture is looking up to the top from the ground. The sky was just cloudy enough to make a cool picture that day. Anyway, this cross is huge and beautiful and you just have to see it to really get it.

Ok, so Kristie Schuler offered her parent's house for us to stay in over the weekend, and this is the way I repay her right?!? I know...yeah for pictures. We slept in the room with lots and lots of family pictures on the wall, so I had to take a few to bring home with us. Far left is Kristie at a much younger age...note the way cute hair. Middle is Kristie either after just delivering or about to deliver a child. The small addition is Gryphon holding Aurora. The picture on the right is the Schuler Family before they had Mikey. How adorable are Kristie and Eric..I know right??!! Anywho, the Judds were awesome hosts, and while we did not get to see Harlan (Kristie's dad) even one time...he works a lot; it was great to stay there. Kristie's mom Judy is amazing. She made us homemade hot cocoa, and packed us a lunch for on the way home Sunday...yummy.

First picture is the school where Jayson had to go for lectures, IIT. This building pictured is where we went to grab lunch cause the cafeteria there was $8 a person. That's right...EIGHT dollars per person to eat cafeteria food...I think not. We headed across the way to this place where there was a 7-11, we got a hot dog and soda for each of us for less than $5...nice huh. The picture in the middle is a tram track that literally goes on the roof of IIT. I'm still not sure how well this was thought out. I mean it truly is loud and a bit annoying...and people are supposed to be studying here? Granted, this building has no classes, it's more like the Student Center, but c'mon...a tram track?? Oh well. Then there is the third picture. I'm no architecture buff, but I still thought this was pretty awesome. This is the door that leads into the bldg. where we ate lunch. From a distance, you see a picture of the architect that designed a majority of the blgds on the campus Meis Van Der Ohh (spelling probablly wrong). When you get closer to the door, you notice that the picture is actually a mosaic of architectural signs and designs that make up this huge picture of Meis. It is very very cool, and Jayson loved it, so here it is for you as well.
Ok, I know this is an odd picture, but I read some of the background about this ball, and it is at least a little cool. Turns out that this guy is traveling the world with this ball and sticking it into narrow places where it is just a bit out of place...and making it "art". So far this ball has been as far as Paris according to his booklet. Anyway, I thought it was at least blog-worthy for that.After his lectures, lunch, and a stroll through almost 50 school reps we were ready to head downtown. There are tons of neat places we visited, but I only put a few up, send an email if you'd like more of them!
These pictures are of a "masterpice" as Jayson says in Millennium Park. It is this really amazing band shell type thing. One reason it is so cool, is because of how they designed it. Each steel piece is placed for maximum sound quality. They are positioned so as to shoot sound out to the crowd so even people sitting on the grass can hear the concert.

I think the above item may have been the cooloest thing for me in Chicago. They call it the "jellybean mirror." Check out the pictures and it is clear to see where they got the idea huh. Anywho, the first picture is at a bit of a distance, so you can get an idea of how big it is. The second one is of Jayson and I walking under the jellybean (it's around 8ft tall in the center) and taking a pic together. The third one, I LOVE!!! It's almost like you can't tell where the jellybean ends and the natural sky rocks. And finally...I'll end this amazingly long post with pictures of the people who let us stay at thier house over the weekend.

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Amy said...

What a great trip for you two. I'm uber-jealous. Love the jellybean mirror. Looks like you had a blast. Great pics