Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Okay okay...so I realized today that I am a SLACKER!!! I had no idea my last blog post was in June. So first, let me say, I am so sorry that my life has been taken over by school. Second let me say, it has been a busy few months!!!

July we had Rebecca's birthday party at Carol's pool again...she so loves it there. It was a great turn out, and the kids had a blast. Also, we went to the park for fireworks (tradition) and set off sparklers and such here.

August saw the start of school...for all FIVE of us, and the beginning of the busy season!!! Back to school with me in night classes twice a week. Monday and Tuesday I have classes from 9am till 4pm then again from 6pm till 9pm. Talk about LONG DAYS. Fortunate for me, I have a wonderful hubby who has jumped in and pulled up the slack. He is amazing and wonderful and is so pulling more than his share of the weight and I love him for it. Wednesday through Friday aren't near as bad...classes are just 9am till 3pm.

September we enjoyed the hot weather...LOL Some really unseasonable weather which of course brought lots of allergies, sniffles, and colds...but we survived. We are now fully into the swing of school and trying like mad to keep up.

This weekend, brings yet another birthday into the mix. We will be celebrating Lexi's 7th birthday this Saturday. Since it is her "golden" birthday, I told her she could go all out and actually have a party somewhere instead of doing it at home. She picked a few places then ultimately decided on Ultimate Gymnastics in Carbondale. I am hopeful it will be a great day for her, and the other kids coming. Now...we pick a cake!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fletcher Family Vacation 2010

For those of you interested, here is a rundown of our vacation this year. Pictures are still being developed from the "water camera" so nothing to post just yet. Stay tuned for those...

Friday: Got up, dropped off movies before we left town. Picked up rental car in Marion and headed for Evansville. Got to Evansville, ate lunch at Chic-A-Fill-A and it was great. Went to the Evansville Zoo and it was amazing!! Cost a bit to get in, but parking was free and all the attractions inside the zoo were free except for the tram...it was $2 a person. Finished at the zoo and went to CiCi's Pizza for dinner. Love that place!! After dinner went to the Baymont Inn to spend the night. Played in the pool for a hour or so then went up to the room and passed out.

Saturday: Got up, went to IHOP for breakfast because we had never been there. It was a bit pricey but some great food for sure! Left breakfast and headed for Holiday World without telling the girls where we were going. Got to the parking lot...and the girls freaked out. The thought we were just driving by to torture them with the sign...so when we actually parked and told them to get out they were STOKED!!! Honestly the most excited I have ever seen them!! Anyway, we went into Holiday World around 10am and honestly did not come out until 8pm that night. Not even once...not even to stop for lunch. These kids were not leaving until we forced them to, it was great. Chelsea and Alexis were thrill seekers, they rode the Pilgrim's Plunge and The Legend roller coaster. Rebecca was not so fond of the "fast rides" so she only rode a couple family water slides and a TON of the kids rides. Honestly she was a trooper and tried almost everything we asked her to. Once we finally left Holiday World, we went straight to the hotel, found our room, then ran into town to get lunch/dinner at Rally's. The girls chowed down on their food and literally passed out once we hit the hotel that night. We really wore them out this day.

Sunday: Everyone was wiped out from Holiday World so we slept in until almost 9. Sadly, we were in a different time zone in this hotel so we slept in until 10 their time. Check out was at 11, so we had to hustle to get us all ready, packed and out of there in an hour. Which means we did not get to use the pool at this hotel, but I wasn't too sad about that once I got a good look at the pool... to put it mildly, I was pretty upset that I spent money on this hotel for sure. Once we left we headed for Marengo Cave. On the way there we stopped at a little "mom and pop" diner for lunch. Some of the BEST fried chicken I have ever had. After lunch we took the 3 minute drive on to the cave. Talk about packed...it was crazy busy when we got there, but to our surprise, we only waited for 20 minutes for our tour of the cave. I figured the girls would enjoy the tour, but they more that liked it...they wanted so badly to go on the 2nd tour I felt bad telling them no. Instead we decided to do some gemstone mining at the cave. They each got their own bag of dirt, sand, rocks, and gems. They gave them these screens and running "spring water" to pan for gems in...it was a lot of fun and the girls loved it. Each one of them got some really cool gems as well. I was shocked that they actually got pieces of garnets, emeralds, obsidian, pyrite, rubies, and some quartz. Ask them some time to show you...it's pretty cool. After the mining, it was time to move on to our last city...Corydon Indiana. We drove there and first looked for a hotel. Once we found that we unpacked and went to our next stop, black-light putt putt golf at Golf Shores Fun. Talk about amazing!!! Everything looked so weird and cool...it was set up to look like we were in the ocean...very nice. After golf we went to an old time ice cream shoppe and got some taffy and ice cream. We then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and it began to rain. Instead of letting the weather ruin our fun, we went back to the hotel and played Yahtzee with the girls until midnight. It was one of the best nights ever!!

Monday: We got up pretty early this day to get our free breakfast at the hotel. Pretty yummy, and it was hot food!! After breakfast we went swimming in the CHILLY pool for a bit, then packed up the car and checked out. We began our trip home with a stop at the custard shop in town. Culvert's was pretty good, but still no where near as good as Andy's for sure!!! We then left Corydon and headed toward Illinois. We took a different route home though to see if we found anything neat along the way. We crossed a couple really creepy bridges along the way, found Garden of the Gods and had to stop. Amazzzing sights here people. I never knew just how cool these rock formations were, but man was I missing out. We had to cut the walk a bit short though because it started to thunder and lightening and I got freaked out. Back on the road, we saw an AMAZING rainbow (two even) that I will just have to show you to make you believe it. Anyway, it was great and the girls were in AWE of it. We continued home, and finally got there, dropped off our stuff, returned the rental car, played a game of Yahtzee with the girls, and again PASSED OUT from exhaustion.

I know it isn't much, but I wanted to document just a little of what went on in our vacation this year. Partly because I know some people are interested and would like to read it, but mostly because I know how easily I forget things and I truly want to remember this vacation for EVER!! Have a great week everyone!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day

Already that time of year again...Mother's Day. A day that I should be happy and excited to spend time with my girls, see what fun card they made me this year, just enjoy being a mom. And here I sit...sad, depressed, lonely, even a bit angry. It has been almost eight years now, you would think I'd have learned how to deal with it. Why is it still so hard sometimes? When does it get easier? Will it hurt forever? I'm not aware of a better way to deal with the pain...so I try to hold it in. I feel like I'm just whining...so I keep it to myself. I miss you so much mom...what's it like where you are? Are you amazed how beautiful your grandkids are? Can you believe I started college...at 30? Time sure flies huh...wish you were here to share these things with me. I love you so much mom...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I am soooo excited to blog tonight. Not because it has been forever since I've done it, but because I actually have something very blog-worthy!!

My amazing husband just got an amazing phone call. A few months ago he applied for a scholarship in our little "neck of the woods" that his amazing sister Amy told him about. Just got the news that he got it!!! That's right...he got it!!!

I am so proud of him!!! All his hard work, long sleepless nights, time away from home, family and friends...and it has finally paid off a bit. No, that's not true...it is paying off A LOT!

As it turns out, it pays his tuition for THREE semesters!! He will still have to pay lab fees, student fees, books, you know...but realistically the scholarship will save us around $8,000 for those three semesters!!

I know this is a drastically long blog, but I just had to say that I am married to a most amazing man who doesn't quite know how awesome he is. I love you Jayson and I am soooo proud of you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Laptop Lovin...

Yeah so that sounded a little dirtier than I had planned...maybe I should explain a bit. For a few months now my home computer has been on the fritz and acting up non-stop. I thought it must be from all the junk (pictures, music, games) that are on it, so I got rid of a lot of it. Now when I say a lot of it, I mean like 8 gigs worth of stuff off the desktop!! So of course afterwards it runs like a dream right?!?! NO!!! It is still slower than a snail, freezes more than ice cream, and seriously locks up worse than a 70 year old's knees...in short, it sux!
Now Jayson's first thought it, well time for you to get a laptop Lisa...let the girls have the desktop for thier homework and games, and you get a laptop for school. Now let me be totally honest...the "kid" in me jumped for joy screamed YAY YAY YAY and did cartwheels at that moment. The adult part of me began to weep a little...just thinking about the money it was gonna take to get it done.
Now, a full month and some later, I finally have that laptop. Partly becuase I had to be convinced (strongly) that it was the best idea in this situation, and partly cause if I'm spending this much money on something, I'm certainly gonna research it WELL!!! In the end, we decided on a Toshiba Satellite from Best Buy. I have only had it a week or so now, but I am already in love with it. The portability, the ability to do homework AT SCHOOL, the ease of typing, being able to store all my school stuff on MY computer, and most of all...it's mine.
Ok, so that sounded a little selfish I know, but to be honest...this is the first piece of electronic equipment that I have ever owned. Always shared a cell phone with someone, shared radios with siblings, and even my MP3 player belonged to someone else before me. This I picked out just for me just cause I researched it, found the best deal, and loved it. I guess that is a bit selfish after all huh?!?!?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

T-Minus 7 Days

That's right ladies and germs, in just 7 short days my husband will be 33 years old.

I know he'll just LOVE me for announcing it, but I for one think it's something to celebrate. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the winter blues finally sloughing off, but I can't wait to have a reason to celebrate!!!

I love cooking him the annual "Corned Beef and Cabbage" dinner. He's such a great guy and tries everything I cook...at least once. Just don't ever ask him about the fried chicken incident please!!!

Anywho, this is just a little something to both say hello to those I have not talked to in a while, and to wish my wonderful husband a very Happy 33rd Birthday!!! Love ya babe!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Break

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I have to start by saying...sorry for not posting for over a month. Dang school gets in the way of sooo much lately. Secondly, I am happy to report that I did well this semester!! Out of my five classes I ended up with four A's and one lonely B. Not bad for sure, but I have to admit I was a lil sad to see the B. With all that said...it is still over and time for BREAK!!!

Today Jayson is helping some friends move so I'm home alone with my girls. We have played some games, done some dishes, cleaned a lil, and now they are off playing while I blog...cause it's a bit theraputic for me. :-) Sunday we have dinner in Mt. Vernon with my step-mom's family right after a stop at the VFW for a Christmas thing there. Monday however, starts the FUN!!!

Monday through Wednesday is non-stop cooking, baking, mixing, spreading, tasting, stiring, just lots and lots of fun. We make cookies, treats, desserts, and yummy stuff for a select few of our friends and family. Not because we don't love them all, but because there are only so many days in the week before Christmas. So if you happen to be a family that does NOT get treats, please don't think we don't love you...there are just five of us and lots of you. We will get ya next year!

As a final word, I have to say how thankful I am to have my husband. I cannot fathom making it through this semester without him. He makes me laugh even when I don't want to, fixes my problems even when he doesn't know he's done it, and best of all...he loves me no matter what. I am NOT the easiest person to be around sometimes, and he loves me regardless. We have our trials and we have our moments, but I would not trade him for anything, and I love him more and more each day. Thank you Jayson for all you do....

Ok, one more thing...I miss my mom a lot this time of year. I know that's normal, and I know that it will get better with time, I'm just wondering...am I wrong to try and avoid it? I used to go out to the cemetary EVERY Christmas, birthday, Easter, 4th of July...like every holiday and put a little something on the gravestone and just "be" there for a minute. Since I started school I keep making excuses to not go. In fact, I have not been out there since the anniversary of her death...in July. Part of me feels bad, but another part of me feels so much better for not going through the pain as much this year. Any thoughts???