Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Already?

It is fact, September is nearly half over! Fall classes are in full swing, and I've even taken my first test. Psychology...yuck yuck yuck. It's a very interesting class, don't get me wrong...I just don't retain a lot of the information the professor lectures on. I'm not sure if it is his awesome stories that distract me, or the obsession I have with writing every thing down in notes. Either way, I miss a lot of lecture...hope that doesn't hurt me.

Biggest news I have to share is this upcoming weekends event. An amazing couple (Jason and Danielle) are getting married this Saturday!! Jayson is the Best Man (of course I already knew that) and I am the Matron (cause I'm old) of Honor. I'm so excited for these two!!! Like Jayson and I, they dated for ever before deciding to tie the knot. As of Saturday September 12th at 5pm...ITS OFFICIAL!!!

In secondary news...this has been a trying time for the health of my family. I'm not exagerating at all when I say I have spent 2 of the past 3 weekends in the ER with one family member or another. Jayson was first on Aug. 30th. He was severly dehydrated, and they said he had a stomach bug...not sure about that one though. Anyway, he rested and rested, drank gallons of Gatorade and within 2-3 days was back to his old self. Unfortunately...a week later (Sept. 5th)Rebecca felt she needed a trip to the ER as well. She went to bed with a stuffy nose Saturday night, woke up around 1am claiming her chest hurt. Next thing I know she is turning blue on me and crying because it to the ER...bronchitis. Sent us home with a rescue inhaler, antibiotics, cough medicine, and tylenol for fever (she never got a fever).

Now, as I mentioned before...this weekend is special. Our friends are getting married. I cannot afford another trip to the ER with yet another child and/or husband. What I'm saying is this... quarentine anyone??