Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blast From The Past

Hello again!! I've decided that even though we have not done anything "picture-worthy" in the last few days, I still have to put some pictures on this blog. So without further ado...a blast from the past.

This is a picture from Chelsea's baptism in January. There were so many people there to support her, it truly was an amazing experience for us and her. In fact, this picture only shows about half the people that were there!! Jayson and I are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!!

This one is from Brianna's 5th birthday party this July. It was so much fun for the girls!! Tanya had a luau theme party with leis, tiki cups, stirring sticks, even a "beach" cake. It was a lot of fun and the girls all had a blast! Here's a picture of the cake too!!!

How cool is that cake huh!?!?!

These two are of our cute little puppy named Phineas. As you can see, he slept all the time. He loved car rides and going on walks with us. Sadly, we lost him last week. He had a fight with a car tire and lost...the girls were heart-broken. We decided as a family that we would not have another pet for a while.

Whoa...I just realized that this blog is becoming obnoxiously long, and also that I have been sitting in the computer chair far too long. (Metal chair, 45 minute blog, you do the math!) Anyway, have a great day everyone...see ya soon!!!

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Heather and EJ said...

Yay!! Welcome to the blog world! How are the Fletchers doin?? I miss you guys so much!