Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day

Already that time of year again...Mother's Day. A day that I should be happy and excited to spend time with my girls, see what fun card they made me this year, just enjoy being a mom. And here I sit...sad, depressed, lonely, even a bit angry. It has been almost eight years now, you would think I'd have learned how to deal with it. Why is it still so hard sometimes? When does it get easier? Will it hurt forever? I'm not aware of a better way to deal with the I try to hold it in. I feel like I'm just I keep it to myself. I miss you so much mom...what's it like where you are? Are you amazed how beautiful your grandkids are? Can you believe I started 30? Time sure flies huh...wish you were here to share these things with me. I love you so much mom...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I am soooo excited to blog tonight. Not because it has been forever since I've done it, but because I actually have something very blog-worthy!!

My amazing husband just got an amazing phone call. A few months ago he applied for a scholarship in our little "neck of the woods" that his amazing sister Amy told him about. Just got the news that he got it!!! That's right...he got it!!!

I am so proud of him!!! All his hard work, long sleepless nights, time away from home, family and friends...and it has finally paid off a bit. No, that's not is paying off A LOT!

As it turns out, it pays his tuition for THREE semesters!! He will still have to pay lab fees, student fees, books, you know...but realistically the scholarship will save us around $8,000 for those three semesters!!

I know this is a drastically long blog, but I just had to say that I am married to a most amazing man who doesn't quite know how awesome he is. I love you Jayson and I am soooo proud of you!