Monday, March 16, 2009

March already...

Whoa!! So I looked at the kid's school lunch calendar today and it hit me...MARCH. Well, actually the middle of March already!!! I'm not sure just where this month went, but it has really flown by. We spent all of last week with the girls and Jayson on Spring Break...which was AWESOME!!! We have not had a lot of family time with him lately, so it was a nice change to eat dinner with dad each night.
It seems like the girls were just as busy over break as ever though...birthday parties, sleepovers, church activities, etc. Not that I'm complaining...thier being gone a lot left some time for Jayson and I to catch up to each other a little. Turns out, I did actually marry a person 7 some years ago...I was begining to wonder I tell ya.
Now, we are just a few hours away from Jayson's 32nd birthday, and where is the birthday boy??? School of course...go figure. I mean really, homework over Spring Break; what kind of evil professor does that? Anyway, he is there working diligently while I sit and "play" on the computer...I really should not complain huh.

This has been a good year for us so far...we are still working on our "diet" that we refer to as body training. Its something like training ourselves to eat differently more than restricting ourselves from food. We started a new portion control thing this month, that quickly fizzled out. Turns out it is amazingly difficult to eat valid portions of food and not over-do it when you have NO IDEA what portion sizes are supposed to look like. So now we are on a search to find some information and start portion control in April.

Other news in our life...we are going to be in a wedding. Our GREAT GREAT friends Jason and Danielle (Dee) are getting married this September. They asked Jayson and I to be in thier wedding as best man and matron of honor!!! What an honor for us to be able to stand up with our friends and watch them as they join thier lives together. They are such a cute couple and really work great together...I can't wait to see the cutie baby dolls they have!!!
I guess that's about it for this update, my natives (kids) are restless and really need to get to bed. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day, enjoy this month, and...SMILE, it makes people wonder what you are up to!!