Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 8th Anniversary

WOW!! Eight years has really flown by! That's right as of tomorrow around 5pm-ish we have been married for EIGHT YEARS!!! Not to mention the fact that we were together nearly eight years before getting married. :o)

It has been a fun ride for sure. There are days I'd like to scream at him, and days I'm sure he'd love to scream right back. There are days I can't imagine life without him, and days I'm certain if I love him anymore my heart will burst. Then there are days when I'm sure I'm about to wake up and this has all been some wonderful dream...and yet here I am still.

No doubt about it, I'm a lucky lucky girl...and most of the time I know it! He's an amazing man, a stupendous husband, and the BEST father I have ever known...our girls are so lucky to have him. I sure hope he doesn't read this, his head will never fit through the door again.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and Happy November!! And just in case he does decide to "check out" the blog...

I love you Jayson Bradley Fletcher!!!