Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Party Results

I feel compelled to let everyone know that Lexi's birthday party was not the utter failure I previously thought it might become. As it turns out, it actually went pretty well for a party planned in less than 48 hours. I took a lot of pictures, and thought I'd share them in my blog, mostly so that next time I freak out, I have something to look back on. There were 10 kids at the party along with around 15 parents. We roasted hot dogs on a fire that was so stinkin hot everyone came up with plans to avoid sitting next to it.
We also had chips and drank juices and soda. After food, we played the first game. The kids had to sit on a balloon to pop it and see what was inside. If they found a Tinkerbell napkin inside their balloon, they won a prize. Then the kids went on a treasure hunt to find their "goody bags".

I personally loved this game because they really had to think about the clue instead of just run and find the candy. It was fun for me at After the treasure hunt it was time for cake and ice cream and presents. Lexi was really lucky and got a lot of the Tinkerbell things she had been asking for, and I was really excited about some cute outfits she got as well.

She had a blast at the party and was really happy because a few friends from pre-school got to come to the party too. So truth be told, it wasn't the end of the world, and it wasn't a disaster. In fact, I didn't get that Bad Mom of the Year Award after all.

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