Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad Mom of the Year Award

As most of you know, my daughter Alexis turned 5 this Tuesday. She is the baby of the family, and as such sometimes gets a bit spoiled (in other words, she is spoiled rotten). I'm the type of mom that type of Mom that tries to make the really cool homemade birthday cakes, print out the fun coloring books for everyone, make the fun goody bags, and of course have lots and lots of games and activities for all party-goers. So far, I've been able to get this done without much dispair...until this birthday. This has been such a crazy week if I have had no time to even find a Tinkerbell cake much less make one; not to mention the kids are out of school tomorrow so I have zero time alone to get it done tomorrow. So here I sit at 7:30 the night before my baby's 5th birthday party with next to nothing planned for her. I bought the hot dogs, still need buns, I bought some juices and soda, but I have NO CAKE...what is wrong with my brain. I have this vision of 20 screaming 3-7 year olds in my back yard bored out of thier minds with no cake or ice cream begging to go home and young Alexis crying somewhere in a corner...or under the apple tree. Why you ask am I sitting here blogging about my problems instead of fixing them...yeah good question. Plan of attack: get off Blogger, find a cake, bake and decorate said cake, go to store and buy buns, come home print off party games, pray. Yeah..lots of prayer needed for this one.


Amy said...

You are an uber-great mom. The fact that you make a home-made cake and decorations and plan fun things for all of the kids shows that. For Julia's 1st bday, you may recall I stuffed sugar crystals on the table with cupcakes and icing and let 4 year olds ice their own cupcakes for fun. I'm a hoot heh? I bet Lexi's party turned out great! Give her kisses and tell her I love big 5 year-olds!!

Sarah said...

How was the party? I'm sure it was great, just because kids love to celebrate together. You ARE a great Mom. I remember your kids always seeming to think so too! Hope your whole bunch is doing well.
Miss ya,