Friday, January 23, 2009


Ok, so my thought is that if I blog about something I am somehow "accountable" for sticking to it. Therefore...I'm blogging to let everyone know I am beginning a new "diet" of sorts. It's less of a diet and more of a way to teach myself self-control and discipline. I began on January 1st having no sweets, candy, chocolate, etc. except on Sundays. And now, three full weeks later, I am still sticking to it!!! Not a big feat for some I'll agree, but for me, it's a huge deal.
In April I start drinking soda only one day a week (prolly Sat. or Sun.) along with the sweets thing. Then if I can conquer both of those, I move on to having only one serving of food (ie. one plate of food) at each meal. Supposedly practicing these things make them a habit and help you to become more in control of what you put into your body. The hope is that while doing all this, I can shed some yucky belly along the way.
And just to give him props, my wonderful husband has stepped up and agreed to go through this with me. Now the sweets thing isn't tough for him, but once we start that one plate of food thing...he might rethink his plan to help me. :) So to all those "dieters" out there who struggle just like me, let me know if you have some ideas or hints or tips, or if you would just like to share your story, I'm all ears. But not bunny ears, cause those would be chocolate. Mmmm, did you say chocolate?!?

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