Monday, December 29, 2008

True or False

I'm not sure why, but I am totally addicted to surveys. Whether they actually mean anything or are just randomness, I love them. So much in fact that I just had to post one on my blog. Feel free to steal it for your blog, or just fill it out, or whatever. Happy New Year everyone!!!

I wear perfume or cologne daily:TRUE…unless it’s a lazy pajama day.
I have a calendar in my room:TRUE…actually I have them in almost every room.
I screen my phone calls:DEPENDS…sometimes I just want to be left alone.
I have had my wisdom teeth removed:FALSE…I still have one.
I have driven a mini-van:TRUE…I still do drive one.
I own a video camera:FALSE…still too cheap for that one.
I have allergies:TRUE…hate certain times of the year.
I am an only child:FALSE…one brother and one sister.
I am afraid of clowns:FALSE…anyone over the age of 10 is just making a scene.
I subscribe to Cosmopolitan Magazine:FALSE…that magazine just makes me sad.
I take a daily vitamin:FALSE…only when I was pregnant.
I have too many credit cards:FALSE…I have ZERO
I have painted my bedroom:TRUE…I painted it once. My mom was sooo mad.
I have worn hand-me-down clothes:TRUE…I think that is all I wore as a kid.
I have broken a bone:FALSE…none yet anyway.
I have cheated on a partner:TRUE…depending on your “definition” of cheating.
I play video games:TRUE…hopelessly addicted to games in fact.
I have been in a submarine:FALSE…really, what an odd question.
I have been to Disney World/Land:TRUE…just too young to remember it.
I have an opinion about Britney Spears:FALSE…I just feel sorry for her.
I am an aunt/uncle:TRUE…but only on Jayson’s side.
I have a scar on my knee:TRUE…more than one.
I am currently on medication:TRUE…3 to be exact.
I text more than I call people:DEPENDS…sometimes I just don’t wanna talk.
I have been a bridesmaid/groomsmen:TRUE…it’s really a thankless job.
I am married:TRUE…and he is amazing.
I have had a surprise birthday party:FALSE…could be fun though.
I drink coffee:FALSE…used to, don’t now.
I watch American Idol:FALSE…I have seen it maybe 5 times ever.
I have been to Washington DC:TRUE…well, sorta. We drove past it at 65mph.
I have been on a diet:TRUE…doesn’t mean I have stuck to it, but I have been “on” it.
I have gotten into a car accident:TRUE…too many to mention.
I am a mom/dad:TRUE…and I love almost every second of it.

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Brian said...

Sure, I'll give it a try:

I wear cologne daily: FALSE. Corrie bought me a bottle of CKB when we were dating. I still have it. I wear it on special occasions (or when I need extra stink protection).
I have a calendar in my room: FALSE, I think. Does the kitchen count?
I screen my phone calls: SORT OF. I didn't before, but now I have Caller ID, so screening happens automatically.
I have had my wisdom teeth removed: TRUE. I only had three, but one was impacted.
I have driven a mini-van: TRUE. But it wasn't mine. We'll probably buy one soon, though.
I own a video camera: TRUE. However, it doesn't work.
I have allergies: TRUE, but they aren't very bad. I am slightly allergic to cats, and my nose goes nuts when I'm bailing hay. I hate hay.
I am an only child: FALSE. Very false.
I am afraid of clowns: FALSE. I don't get the clown fear thing. Zombified vampire clowns? Sure. Michael Jackson? Maybe.
I subscribe to Cosmopolitan. Do I really need to answer that one? FALSE, by the way.
I take a daily vitamin: FALSE.
I have too many credit cards: FALSE. I have one. I thinks that's reasonable.
I have painted my bedroom: TRUE.
I have worn hand-me-down clothes: TRUE. From my cousins since I'm the oldest child.
I have broken a bone: FALSE, but Corrie thinks I may have broken my foot a couple of months ago.
I have cheated on a partner: FALSE.
I play video games: TRUE, but not as often as people would think.
I have been in a submarine: FALSE. I'm trying to think of some clever way to answer true, but I've got nothing.
I have been to Disney World/Land: TRUE. Lived not too far from Disneyland as a kid.
I have an opinion about Britney Spears: FALSE. She's just a person. I have better things to worry about. Might as well pick a name from the phone book.
I am an aunt/uncle: TRUE. Finally!
I have a scar on my knee: TRUE. I think all I have left of my knees are the scars.
I am currently on medication: TRUE. For my heart and migraines.
I text more than I call people: MAYBE. Does email count?
I have been a bridesmaid/groomsman: FALSE. Unless best man counts.
I am married: TRUE.
I have had a surprise birthday party: TRUE. I was so caught off guard, I didn't realize the party was for me.
I drink coffee: FALSE
I watch American Idol: FALSE
I have been to Washington DC: FALSE
I have been on a diet: TRUE, I guess.
I have gotten in a car accident: TRUE. Head-on collision with a drunk driver.
I am a mom/dad: TRUE. But only the "dad" part.