Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

Eggs, and Bunnies, and Candy OH MY!!! Yep, that's right, its Easter time again. Time to break out the plastic eggs, the fake grass, those adorable baskets, and of course the "dye everything in its path" egg coloring kit. This year, we had a picnic with Jayson's family the day before Easter at Paul Ice. The weather was great, just a bit chilly, and the kids had a blast! Here are some "yummy" pictures of the days activities....
Prepare for the egg hunt!
The first egg...RUN!!!
Chelsea and Cole.
Rebecca, Alexis and the same egg.
Tanya and Rodney helping the kids.
This egg took the kids a long time.
The following day was Easter and we had a picnic in Mt. Vernon with Stacy's (step-mom) side of the family. They are really nice people and the girl always have tons of fun there. Stacy's mom makes these amazing cheesy potatoes, and her aunt makes the 2nd best ham ever. The only better ham I've tasted is my dad' really no one will ever top that!! Again, I offer you cute pictures of Sunday's fun!!
Rebecca, not sure about the face...
Chelsea found an entire bucket.
Alexis, I caught her eating candy!!
Rebecca was the first to fill her basket.
The kids were searching.
This is my girls very very early Easter morning.
They woke up, saw the Easter baskets and just KNEW it was time to go out and hunt for the 3 DOZEN eggs we had colored and some "bunny" hid. It was an early morning, but it rocked...they make every holiday a little more special. I'm so blessed to have these girls in my life. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and tried to remember the real reason we celebrate this holiday. May you all stay helathy and enjoy the Spring weather...if it ever gets here. Have a wonderful week, blog ya later!!!

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Heath & Ege said...

We are so excited too! That's so funny the girls think I'm so young! haha..Looks like you guys had a fun Easter! How's everything going? Miss you!