Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Okay okay...so I realized today that I am a SLACKER!!! I had no idea my last blog post was in June. So first, let me say, I am so sorry that my life has been taken over by school. Second let me say, it has been a busy few months!!!

July we had Rebecca's birthday party at Carol's pool again...she so loves it there. It was a great turn out, and the kids had a blast. Also, we went to the park for fireworks (tradition) and set off sparklers and such here.

August saw the start of school...for all FIVE of us, and the beginning of the busy season!!! Back to school with me in night classes twice a week. Monday and Tuesday I have classes from 9am till 4pm then again from 6pm till 9pm. Talk about LONG DAYS. Fortunate for me, I have a wonderful hubby who has jumped in and pulled up the slack. He is amazing and wonderful and is so pulling more than his share of the weight and I love him for it. Wednesday through Friday aren't near as bad...classes are just 9am till 3pm.

September we enjoyed the hot weather...LOL Some really unseasonable weather which of course brought lots of allergies, sniffles, and colds...but we survived. We are now fully into the swing of school and trying like mad to keep up.

This weekend, brings yet another birthday into the mix. We will be celebrating Lexi's 7th birthday this Saturday. Since it is her "golden" birthday, I told her she could go all out and actually have a party somewhere instead of doing it at home. She picked a few places then ultimately decided on Ultimate Gymnastics in Carbondale. I am hopeful it will be a great day for her, and the other kids coming. Now...we pick a cake!!!

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