Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Break

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I have to start by saying...sorry for not posting for over a month. Dang school gets in the way of sooo much lately. Secondly, I am happy to report that I did well this semester!! Out of my five classes I ended up with four A's and one lonely B. Not bad for sure, but I have to admit I was a lil sad to see the B. With all that is still over and time for BREAK!!!

Today Jayson is helping some friends move so I'm home alone with my girls. We have played some games, done some dishes, cleaned a lil, and now they are off playing while I blog...cause it's a bit theraputic for me. :-) Sunday we have dinner in Mt. Vernon with my step-mom's family right after a stop at the VFW for a Christmas thing there. Monday however, starts the FUN!!!

Monday through Wednesday is non-stop cooking, baking, mixing, spreading, tasting, stiring, just lots and lots of fun. We make cookies, treats, desserts, and yummy stuff for a select few of our friends and family. Not because we don't love them all, but because there are only so many days in the week before Christmas. So if you happen to be a family that does NOT get treats, please don't think we don't love you...there are just five of us and lots of you. We will get ya next year!

As a final word, I have to say how thankful I am to have my husband. I cannot fathom making it through this semester without him. He makes me laugh even when I don't want to, fixes my problems even when he doesn't know he's done it, and best of all...he loves me no matter what. I am NOT the easiest person to be around sometimes, and he loves me regardless. We have our trials and we have our moments, but I would not trade him for anything, and I love him more and more each day. Thank you Jayson for all you do....

Ok, one more thing...I miss my mom a lot this time of year. I know that's normal, and I know that it will get better with time, I'm just I wrong to try and avoid it? I used to go out to the cemetary EVERY Christmas, birthday, Easter, 4th of every holiday and put a little something on the gravestone and just "be" there for a minute. Since I started school I keep making excuses to not go. In fact, I have not been out there since the anniversary of her July. Part of me feels bad, but another part of me feels so much better for not going through the pain as much this year. Any thoughts???

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